Stocky Hawkfish


The stocky hawkfish are ninjas of the sea, swimming around with incredible speed until approached, when they will dart into a crevice to hide, or plop down on a piece of coral and instantly become still as a rock to avoid detection. They further conceal themselves with their spots and colors serving as camouflage against the coral, and they will perch motionless on the reef waiting for an opportunity to ambush prey. Po'opa'a – meaning “hard headed” in Hawaiian – get mixed reviews as far as their value, as reflected in the saying “Hokai ua lawai'a o ka kai papa'a, he po'opa'a ka i'a e ho'i ai”, which translates to “The fisherman who fools around in shallow waters takes home a po'opa'a fish”. Others find them to be a delicious treat. 

The stocky hawkfish are olivaceous brown with scattered, red or rust-colored spots and marbled white splotches. Undulating lines and spots of reddish-orange cover the blueish-white head. Growing up to 30 cm, they are the largest species of their family and are found on surge-exposed shallow reefs throughout the Indo-Pacific and Red Sea, on islands such as Japan, Hawai'i and the Marquesan Islands.

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