Saddled Butterflyfish

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The saddle butterflyfish is a giant among its genus, and can be found in coral reefs throughout the Indian and Pacific Oceans. With laterally-compressed, oval shaped bodies, they are a yellowish-gray color, with a bright yellow outline. A large black spot at the top is bordered below by a band of white – conjuring the image of a saddle and inspiring their name – with wavy blue lines on the sides and a bright yellow throat. Chameleon-like, at night for protection they mute their brilliant colors to blend in with the dark crevices of the reef.

Not what you’d call the most present parents, butterflyfish are pelagic spawners, sending their eggs off to become part of the plankton, flowing with the current and crossing their fins for luck as mom and dad go back to doing their own thing. For protection, the little fries grow large bony plates over their bodies, which they lose as they grow.

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