Orange Band Surgeonfish

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The orange band surgeonfish, Naʻenaʻe, have sharp scalpel-like spines at the base of their tails for protection – that’s one way to enforce social distancing! Juveniles are yellow, but adults are reminiscent of a color swatch, with a pale gray color at the front and a darker shade on the rear half, separated by a jagged line. They have blue and orange lines at the bases of the fins, and an orange bar surrounded by a purplish-black border just above the pectoral fins distinguishes this fish and makes it an easy one to spot. 

Common in Hawaii where they are known as  Naʻenaʻe, the orange-band surgeonfish live in lagoon and seaward reefs in the tropical waters of the Indian Ocean and western Pacific Ocean. Growing up to 35 cm, they often live with parrotfish, tangs and other surgeonfish who help to keep the coral habitat healthy by cleaning excess algae. Like some kind of magic trick, these fish can instantly change their color from dark to pale.

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