Reef Triggerfish

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Said to be the spirit of the shapeshifting Hawaiian demi-god, Kamapuaʻa, who was powerful enough to control the rain and ocean, the reef triggerfish’s characteristic way of propelling himself through water gives him flawless maneuverability and allows him to hover over the reef - swim goals, anyone? With his independently moving eyes set high on his head, this is the fish you'd want as a lookout in any high stakes operation.

The reef triggerfish will never be accused of being ordinary, with an unusually pronounced snout, small second spine for latching his main spine and holding him in place, diamond-like shape and habit of aggressively grunting like a pig. His distinctive color patterns include yellow and black blocks of color with a splash of red and blue stripes. Typically found in shallow outer reef habitats throughout the Indo-Pacific region, the Humuhumunukunukuapuaʻa is the state fish of Hawaii.

• Rubber sole
• 100% polyester fabric lining
• Black Y-shaped rubber straps


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