Hawaiian Spotted Boxfish

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Bringing Hunchback of Notre Dame vibes, the Hawaiian Spotted Boxfish or Moa is an odd sight with his thick, oblong body that tapers at the hump on his back. Covered in spots, this fish isn’t winning any awards for swimming, being slow-moving due to his odd shape and heavy, bony outer surface that serves as built-in armor, giving him Hulk-like protection against predators. The armor is made of hexagonal plate-like scales that form a box with openings for the mouth, eyes, gill slits, fins and tail. 

Growing up to 45 cm, the Moa can be found in clear water around coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific, Japan, and Hawaii. In seagrass beds of the western Atlantic Ocean, from the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico to Florida and coastal regions of Brazil. Like all boxfish, this one knows how to avoid becoming someone’s dinner, as he secretes a colorless toxin when touched. He finds his own meals by squirting jets of water at the seafloor to uncover hidden treats.

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