Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse

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The Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse is a fearless janitor who swims into the mouths of predators, cleverly gleaning a free meal off her host's leftovers. Her vibrant colors and killer dance moves signal to her hosts that she’s the help, not the dinner, and the tickle of her pelvic fins on the host’s skin is a bonus massage that keeps her client’s coming back for more - who can resist such service?

Distinct from other small wrasses, the Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse does not bury in the sand at night, but instead opts for a DIY approach of wrapping herself in a balloon-like cocoon. Rare for its species, the Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse is monogamous. Found only in the Hawaii Islands, they get up to 10 cm long.

• Rubber sole
• 100% polyester fabric lining
• Black Y-shaped rubber straps

Size Guide

S 6-7.5 6-7 37-38.5 4-6
M 8-10 7.5-9.5 39-41 6.5-8
L 10.5-11 10-11.5 42-45 8.5-10.5