Clown Anemonefish

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The clown anemonefish knows how to pick a practical home. Always found in nature living amongst the tentacles of another creature, the multicolored sea anemone, its home provides food from the anemone’s leftovers and protection from predators who steer clear of the anemone’s toxic stinging tentacles. The clownfish performs an acclimation dance when first taking up residence, and is further protected from the toxins by a layer of mucus on his skin. The clownfish is a thoughtful guest and in return for the hospitality, he cleans his host of parasites, drives off intruders and performs dances which circulate the water, providing the anemone with more oxygen, and as a bonus, great entertainment.

Thwarting common gender roles, the clownfish are all born male and live in groups of a few males with one dominant female. When the female dies, one male will then undergo a sex change to female. Males guard and care for the eggs, fanning them and chasing away other fish. Bright orange with three distinctive white bars, the clownfish gets up to 10 cm and is found in lagoon and seaward reefs throughout the western Pacific.

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