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A lighter and brighter version of our classic Hinalea Hou, Surge Wrasse. Her funky patterns and 80’s color palette of blue-green, pink, orange and purple, the surge wrasse is summoning a retro style of scrunchies, leg warmers and charm bracelets. She can be found on clear outer lagoon reefs and exposed seaward reefs, in surge channels and in gutters throughout the Indo-Pacific region and along the coast of South Africa. 

The surge wrasse uses her small, protruding teeth, large lips and jaws to graze for algae and crustaceans along the bottom of the ocean. While wrasses are quite active during the day, they are neither night owls nor early risers, typically being the first to bed and the last to rise. Growing up to 43 cm, the surge wrasse live in groups of females with a few males, and they can change from female to male when a male is needed to take on the role.

• Rubber sole
• Customizable 100% polyester fabric lining
• Black Y-shaped rubber straps

Size Guide

S 6-7.5 6-7 37-38.5 4-6
M 8-10 7.5-9.5 39-41 6.5-8
L 10.5-11 10-11.5 42-45 8.5-10.5