Clown Triggerfish

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Bold and beautiful, with a head that's a third the size of its body and a hodgepodge of leopard-like patterns, polka dots and striking lines, the clown triggerfish is aptly named and would fit in equally at the circus or a fashion show. Their razor sharp teeth never really quit growing, they're known to be aggressive and their bite contains ciguatoxin, so don't let their clownin' fool you, these fish can bring the pain. 

Governed by the moon, males and females meet only to breed. Males go straight into nesting mode and set up camp, then females take their pick of the males, but they're not greedy, 2-5 females may share one harem with the male fiercely defending them and their little fries. When captive, clown triggerfish are natural interior decorators known to rearrange their aquariums by knocking rocks around… or maybe they’re just silently protesting their captivity. They are found in coral reefs throughout the Indo-Pacific region and grow to 50 cm.

• Rubber sole
• 100% polyester fabric lining
• Black Y-shaped rubber straps

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